Anonymous :  Did you ever do a genderbent of Felix?

I did now! Her name is Felicity, and she bartends! 

One swindles your money at the table, and the other does at the bar! These two are double trouble, haha

I’ll do a full body of her some other time!!


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figured valentines would be a good day to post something like this! aaa

Garnet’s face turned out a bit weird in the sketch, I tried to fix it but.. ahaha;; (actually his entire frame turned out weird I should have redrawn it…)

Yin’s expressions are my favorite! Instead of going by a chart (aka everyone has happy, sad, angry, irritated, etc) I did the nine expressions based on what the 7 faces I think they’d make most often + sad and blushing for storyline event sprites ‘7 ’ haha

Anonymous :  Oh here's a fun idea how about recreating scenes from the show but with the guys/genderbents? You don't have to, just a thought. Maybe the scene that goes "I drink milk" your choice.

I actually did a few of those, though never something too much, hahah! I’ll see if I have time to do more later on ’ v’

Anonymous :  Not sure if this was a rule/canon but do guys have the same semblance as thier counterparts? Meaning Yin go into an inferno and Garnet can run around and bug Eis as much as he wants without being caught, right?

To be honest, I’m not really sure? The boys originally started off as genderbend-genderbends (at least with Garnet and Eis), but then around the time that I did Noire I’d already started thinking of them as siblings, which is probably why Noire and Yin have more distinctive differences in terms of design/personality. They all have the same weapons (even though their fighting style differs somewhat) so I was thinking that they’d either have the same or at least very similar semblances! 

I’m not too sure how to balance it, since pretty much all the girls semblances aside from Yang’s affect speed? Ruby’s is speed, Weiss is glyphs which she can pretty much use like Medusa’s arrows, and Blake’s is an inky version of shunpo. They all deal with mobility, and aaagggg this is confusing hahah. They’re kind of walking the line between genderbends and ocs right now, I guess. I’ll decide once more about semblance is released!

ask-shyfluttershy :  Have the rwby girls ever met they rwby boys if so what we're their reactions????



Anonymous :  Do the RWBY boys go to Beacon as well or an alternate version without their counterparts?

There are several versions! The one that I’m most fond of though is where they go to Beacon at the same time but generally do their own thing so some classy shade can be tossed around.

Anonymous :  Who's the best dancer?

Anon I’m afraid that is terribly dependant on what kind of dancing it is and the amount of alcohol consumed. 


Hello! I really want to keep up with this blog; but unfortunately my backlog has gotten sort of ridiculous along with the pressure aa;;; Most of the questions are really dated as well- I want to sort of give it a fresh start, so I’ll be deleting the questions in my inbox and opening up the ask again! 

If your question was in the bulk that I deleted, I’m so, so sorry ;;___;; You’re definitely free to resubmit it again, and I’ll do my best to answer!! 

Ask will be back up within the hour while I do some housecleaning TT__TT

Anonymous :  Have you guys ever made your sisters cry? Its okay, I have a sister too so I bet I can understand or relate.